Austin Poetry Festival , Austin, TX, 4/1999

Highway 101, San Diego, CA, 12/6/98, 12/10/1999

Driftwood Anthology, San Diego, CA, 12/7/1999

Claire de Lune, San Diego, CA, 1/19/1999

Poetic Brew, San Diego, CA, 3/14/2000

The Gypsy Den, San Diego, CA, 4/3/2000

Host for Seattle Poetry Festival reading, 4/2000

Magee Park Poets, San Diego, CA, 5/9/2001

Temple Emek Shalom Dedication, 2/8/2002

San Juan Library, San Juan Island, WA, 9/13/2002

Temple Emek Shalom People of the Book, 8/3/2003

Bainbridge Public Library, Bainbridge Island, WA, 8/13/2003

The Ugly Mug, Orange County, CA, 9/28/2003

The Poulsbohemian, Poulsbo, WA, 4/3/2004

It’s About Time, Third Place Books, Ravenna, WA, 8/11/2005

C&P Coffee, West Seattle, WA, 3/24/2014

C&P Coffee, West Seattle, WA, 11/25/2015

C&P Coffee, West Seattle, WA, 5/25/2016

Tsunga Fine Art & Framing, Bothell, WA, 8/12/2016

Greenlake Library, Seattle, WA, 8/13/2016

The Creekside, Woodinville, WA, 8/17/2016

C&P Coffee, West Seattle, WA, 3/22/2017

Greenlake Library, Seattle, WA, 9/8/2018

C&P Coffee, West Seattle, WA, 9/12/2018

Cobalt Poets, Zoom/Facebook, 12/1/2020

Jihmye Poetry-Open Mic, The Spacebar Cafe & Wine Bistro/Zoom, 3/14/2021