Available now! Reflexions coffee table book

Cheryl Latif has co-authored with sculptor Brad Burkhart, their hardcover coffee table book, Reflexions: Sculpture & Poetry, published in 2023.

This coffee table art book joins bas-relief sculpture and ekphrastic poetry on a journey into the creative expressions of sculptor Brad Burkhart and poet Cheryl Latif. The collaboration consists of 40 poems by Cheryl Latif inspired by 40 sculptures by Brad Burkhart chosen by the poet. Each pairing tells a unique story that leaves room for the reader to reflect and reflex. Click the button below to learn more and purchase your copy.

Our advance reviews (endorsements) say it best!

“I love it when art talks to art. Burkhart’s living creations crafted by a visionary’s hands are sculptures that tell stories. Latif joins the conversation with language she crafts like a sculptor, clipping away all the unnecessary words and leaving poems that say the biggest things, in the gentlest of ways. It’s a conversation worth witnessing.” 
– Rick Lupert, Author & Editor

“This labor of love, brought forth amidst the cacophonous, attention demanding, noisy time we find ourselves, is a work of subtlety that needs your dedicated and focused attention to reap its rewards. Don’t miss it!” 
– Martin Steele, Artist

“Brad’s sculptures are playful and charming, but still they hold the weight of mythology and all the drama of the human journey. Cheryl’s poems are open-hearted, affirming reflections that bring the artworks vividly to life.” 
– Lorette C. Luzajic, Artist, Author & Editor

“A fascinating marriage between language and shapes.” 
– Dr. Hendrik Ohldag, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

“Burkhart is a master at spontaneous evocations of life’s mystery with symbols wrapped in rich textures and earthy tones. Latif beautifully translates these subconscious expressions into a language that celebrates life, connection and the wonders we share.” 
– Teresa Mallen, Painter & Book Artist

“Experience the synergy of transformation combining two mediums, bringing to light the delicate balance of life, enduring and whimsical, secretive and dark, magical and transformative, playful and nuanced, each art form supporting the other in the dance of confirmation.” 
– John Coinman, Singer/Songwriter/Musician

“Art and poetry fill in the spaces of our lives, as we experience the magic together in a universe of imagination, transformation, and dreams.” 
– Jo Andersen, Painter & Book Artist

“Cheryl’s exacting poetry, so full of metaphor, is a journey all by itself, but adding Brad’s visual elements creates the magic. Many of these pieces could be reflections for circle discussions, meditations or life celebrations.” 
– Leah Goodwin, Art Consultant, Curator & Poet

“I was struck by its unique take on the human condition. Thought provoking and humorous and visually beautiful.” 
– Del Crawford, The Mulberry Gallery